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Digital marketing is the promotion of products or services using digital technologies. Other digital mediums like mobile phones, display advertising is also included. In this modern era, digital marketing allows brands to promote their products as well as convey online client strengthen for every minute of every day. Individuals seem to wind up and get more digitalized and demand all the needed alterations at their place rather than going out to the physical outlets. Dragging in the onlookers and performing an ideal curved for attentive business and publicizing sharpens in the latest way today. Throughout this advanced time, digital marketing lets the brands to advance their products and to reinforce this world of online customers strengthen for every second of the day.

Digital Marketing can be classified under two ways:

Push Digital Marketing and Pull Digital Marketing.

In Push: Business holders represent a business outlook of their website to their clients through wide-ranging methods. 

In Pull: Digital Marketing, it joins entree to drag the visitors towards the site and later they can be altered into the customers to the business.

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